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Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies if not my favorite. I’ve seen it many times and invited many people to watch it. Some people laugh, but at least my parents don’t; they say they wasted their time😅 I love it because it makes me laugh, it’s not that popular, and because I admire Napoleon’s way of being. Here are some things I have recognized as I keep watching it:


1. «Whatever I Feel Like I Wanna Do, GOSH!«

At the movie’s beginning, Napoleon delights us with this phrase, anticipating what he is like. It’s a bit rude how he responds to the boy, but I like that Napoleon really does what he wants. Throughout the movie, He feels confident to do what he wants.


2. «I Don’t Even Have Any Good Skills. You Know, Like Nunchuck Skills, Bow Hunting Skills, Computer Hacking Skills.»

Napoleon, like me, has imposter syndrome; he thinks he doesn’t have great skills, but he does. For example, he has courage: he dared to ask Trish (one of the most popular girls in school) to the dance; he is a storyteller: he makes up (although it is wrong to lie) fantastic stories about himself, (like he was hunting wolves with his uncle on vacation); he is a great friend: he danced alone in front of a crowd, to help his friend win the school presidency.


 3. «It’s Pretty Much My Favorite Animal. It’s Like A Lion And A Tiger Mixed… Bred For Its Skills In Magic.» And «I Spent Like Three Hours Doing Shading The Upper Lip. It’s Probably The Best Drawing I’ve Ever Done. «

Despite the above sentence, Napoleon acknowledges that his time painting and drawing bring results, and who confirms? Trish, since she agreed to go to the ball with him. Practice makes perfect.


4. «Heck yes! I’d vote for you.«

Napoleon is a great friend. He befriended Pedro from day one, is confident he can win the election, and recognizes his skills (a sweet bike, hooking up with chicks, the only one with a mustache.).


5. «Just follow your heart. That’s what I do.»

Supporting the first sentence, Napoleon does what he wants but follows his heart. And many of the characters, too, act: Grandma has a crazy life but still thinks of Tio Rico to take care of her grandchildren. Deb sells crafts and takes pictures because she wants to go to college. Pedro wants to invite Summer and bakes a cake for her. Kip wants to woo Lafawnduh and works to raise the money to meet her.


For these reasons and many more, I love this movie. I think I will watch it again (lucky me) to keep finding lessons. Would you vote for Pedro?